Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Not Forget Zimbabwe

Good opinion piece in the NYT on Zimbabwe today:


In this time of uprisings and intervention on the behalf of those struggling to oust dictators and thieves, it's important to highlight the ones we've been ignoring for years now. The situation in Libya and especially Ivory Coast puts into sharp relief the utter failure of the international community, South Africa specifically, to address the tragedy of Zimbabwe. Mugabe has, for far too long gotten a pass because of his anti-colonial liberation creds. I'm not calling for intervention ala Libya, but like President Obama said the other day, just because some interventions are wrong or ill-advised, doesn't mean they ALL are... or that every situation calls the same solution that we must simply accept or reject. It's time to re-examine what we're doing, and NOT doing about Zimbabwe. Goodwin's got it right: that starts with getting South Africa to do something real and meaningful

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