Monday, July 30, 2012

Could Romney get any worse?

Mitt Romney should not be President for so many reasons. But in the area of Foreign Policy, I'd go even further: He's simply not qualified. First of all he can't even go to a single country without making embarrassing, offensive, non-factual statements. Then he goes and declares that Jerusalem is the true capital of Israel, something the United States does NOT recognize. So much for not contradicting standing US policy (or the sitting President) while traveling abroad. Finally, it really isn't a stretch to see the thinly veiled anti-semitism in his "jews are just good with money" themed comments. The insane thing is that He manages to be equally offensive to literally EVERY group/culture/people he references: The Palestinians (ignoring that the OCCUPATION is the real reason for GDP disparities w/Israel, not "Jewish culture") Jews, and even Mexicans by analogizing similar reasons for US/Mexican disparities (hmmm is THAT why the Romney clan returned to the US after fleeing to Mexico?)....and finally offending all thoughtful Americans who now are cringing every time this idiot-android opens his mouth abroad, Ugly American indeed.

I can't help putting this into the context of the whole "barack obama is foreign" mantra…calumny…the Romney campaign is using. It's all about "the other." it's an oft used and ugly part of American campaigning. Code language to your base: he's not one of you. He's not American, he's other, and yes…he's black.  And as LGBTQ Americans that should make us nervous too, b/c we're attacked exactly the same way…and will be more and more if this is any indicator of what Romney either believes or is willing to gin up among his base….